COVID-19 Pandemic Face Mask with Pocket for Carbon Filter, More Comfortable

Design By Maureen McDermott, DVM 3/26/20 – Reprinted with permission

100 masks done.
WITHOUT stupid earloops and with a filter pocket. If you are making masks and you have elastic earloops or there isn’t a filter pocket please reconsider your design as people hate earloops and with fabric like this it doesn’t make a great seal at all without being really hard on your ears. We made a guide to follow to make these and if you have a sewing machine it takes about 5 minutes per.

1. Cut fabric of choice to 10” x 16”.
10" x 16" fabric square

2. Turn over so the outer facing side of the fabric is down. Hem the short edges ~1” inward.
fabric turned over photo  

fabric folded over photo

3. Fold the piece in half with the outer facing side of the fabric inside the fold. Align the hemmed edges.
fold fabric in half photo

4. Sew the short edges about 0.5” from edge. Trim edge if needed.
sew short edges photo

5. This will create a pocket, with the outer facing side of the fabric on the inside.
showing pocket photo

6. Turn inside out to reveal the outer facing side of the fabric. Keep the pocket opening at the top.
turn pocked right-side out

7. Added 2 pleats to the fabric and pin in place, about 1.5” from the edge.
add two pleats to fabric

8. Turn mask over. Cut a length of paracord to 5’. Orient over mask so that the free ends of the paracord are at the top where the pocket opens.
adding paracord photo

9. Sew the pleated edges down over the paracord. Make sure the paracord can freely move and is not trapped in your stitch.
sewn pleated edges photo

10. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the free edges of the paracord are oriented correctly with the pocket opening.
sew paracord into other side photo

11. Remove pins, turn over, put carbon filter in pocket, put on face (free ends of the paracord are to tie behind your head), and be less sick.
completed view photo



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