Hero Masks Saves Lunch for Baltimore City School Kids

Shortly after the self-isolation started, we received an email from the United Way of Central Maryland asking Hero Masks for help.

With the new health regulations that had been put into place, all food service workers were now required to wear masks and gloves when serving food for the public. Unfortunately, most schools had already donated their supplies of such things to local hospitals when schools had closed for the pandemic.

Suddenly, the free lunch programs offered through Baltimore City Public Schools were at risk of being shut down because they didn’t have the required PPE to safely serve the food to the children.

Could we help them?  …. and fast?

Thankfully, we had enough masks and gloves in stock to outfit their full 200 possible staff. After some quick phone calls the United Way, connected us to the right people in Baltimore City Public Schools, and then we packed up the PPE needed and drove it down to Baltimore within an hour, and handed it off to Baltimore City Public Schools team members, who distributed it throughout the city in time for the next day’s lunch service.

They may not know it, but all those children enjoying their lunches appreciate all of you helping us get the PPE our frontline workers need.

It’s amazing to be able to make that kind of difference just days after starting Hero Masks.

Let’s do more.

Find out how you can help us help others (lots of ways are free!) at our How To Help page.

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