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Help Us Help Others Get PPE

How to Help Us Help Others

There are a number of ways you can help us get PPE to the people on the frontline who need it:


Donate money.  The most direct and obvious way to help, your donations allow us to buy more supplies to be donated to others.


Take selfies with your #HeroMasks PPE and spread the word about what we’re doing and how we’ve helped!  Tag your snaps, tweets, pins, and posts with #HeroMasks to we can find them!


We need volunteers to help us spread out the workload.  There’s more to do than the two of us can do in a day.  We need help with:

  • Web Site Updates – Updating the web site with new content (we use WordPress with a Divi theme)
  • Social Media Updates – Updating social media with new content (we use Hootsuite with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and GoFundMe)
  • Graphic Design – We need help creating graphics for blog featured images, Facebook/Google Ads, new web content, etc.
  • Fundraising – If you know how to do fundraising, great, ’cause we don’t.   Your help would be awesome!
  • Public Relations – Know how to get the word out?  Great!  Help us do it!  We want to reach out to newspapers, news sites, influencers, etc.
  • Product Sourcing – Know where to get stuff at good prices from overseas in a safe way?  We can use the help!  This stuff is getting harder to find and more expensive by the day.
  • Delivery – Not needed quite yet, but if you’d be available to pick up products and take them where they need to go, that would be better than having everybody come to us.  I’d rather have one person on the road instead of ten coming here.

Recommendations – Share your Story

Recommend HeroMasks on Facebook.  If we’ve been able to help you or someone you care about, please consider writing us a review.  This GREATLY helps establish to the public that we are “for real” and the stories about what people are facing out there in the real world are important to get people to take this pandemic seriously.

Participate on Posts

Have something you’d like to add or say to a post?  DO IT!  The more Comments, Shares, and Likes a post gets, the more important sites think it is and the more likely they are to feature that message in other peoples’ feeds.   Comments with no activity rarely get seen.

Like, Join, Share

Like the Hero Masks Project Facebook page, Join and Like our Facebook group, Like and Share that SHARE button on our posts to your timeline, groups and pages.  All this helps increase our reach both for finding people we can help, and people who can help us help others.

Endorsements / Promotion

If you have an organization that would be willing to help us by recommending us to their employees, customers, friends, donors, etc. that would be a great service to help us bring in more help and resources.  Was Shakira your old neighbor, or did you fix Ellen’s hair before she was famous?  Drop them a message and ask if they can mention us in a tweet or gram… it’s amazing how much help a single mention from someone with a following can be!

Sponsorship & Grants

If you have an organization that does sponsorships or grants, please consider us as a worthy benefactor.  Everything you can give us will go right back into supporting our frontline heroes with masks and other vital PPE.

Commercial / Group Orders

If your organization needs a large quantity of PPE, contact us and see if we can do a combined order with others needing PPE and our own orders.   By ordering in volume we can get better prices for high-quantity purchases.  If you want to keep your corporate conscience clear and your karma sparkling clean, then consider making a matching donation on your order.   (For example, If you order 1000 masks for your organization, also buy and donate another 1000 for the other medical and essential workers out there)


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