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In Stock Inventory and Requestable Products

This page lists items that are In Stock or available to request for immediate pickup or delivery.  If you have available budget, we sell items to organizations AT-COST. If no budget is available, we may be able to DONATE from available stock. Requests for Supplies may be prioritized based on Urgency and other factors.


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If you want to place an organizational order, our current prices are:

  • Procedural (ear-loop) 3-ply Facemasks: $0.49/each, thousands in stock
  • KN95 (GB2626-2006) Respirators (Chinese version of N95):  $2.47/ea, hundreds in stock
  • Face Shields$3.70/each, Anti-fog protective face shield with foam forehead pad and elastic headband.  No assembly required.  Hundreds in stock.
  • Latex Gloves: $6.00/box of 100 (50 pair), Medium, Large, Extra-Large in stock
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer: $0.99 for 30ml (1oz) bottle, $55 for Gallon bottle, $70 for Gallon w/Aloe & Lavender scent

Pickup in Bel Air, MD is free.  Delivery or shipping available at cost.

Corporate Karma Program: If your organization can afford it, we ask that you donate a matching order that can help others who are not so fortunate.  Your donation could be tax-deductible and we’re happy to share news of your gift through our channels.   (Good PR never hurt anyone, right?)

NOTE: Prices and lead times on orders are changing rapidly (going up) due to increasing worldwide demand.

Face Masks

Basic face protection for mouth and nose.

Thousands in Stock


    Hero Masks Bags

    Face Shields

    Basic face protection for mouth and nose and eyes.

    In Stock


    Hero Masks Bags

    Nitrile / Vinyl / Latex Gloves

    Basic hand protection.  Material, thickness and color may vary based on availability.   If you require specific material, thickness, grades or colors, please specify on your request form.

    Latex: In Stock
    Vinyl: Out of Stock
    Nitrile: Out of Stock



      Hero Masks Bags

      N95 Respirators and equivalents (GB2626-2006, KN95, KZ901)

      Higher protection face mask, protecting against 95% of airborne particles.

      KN95 In Stock


      Hero Masks Bags

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