Press Coverage in The Aegis, Baltimore Sun

We’ve had a feature story on The Hero Masks Project published on The Aegis / Baltimore Sun website:

Bel Air family starts ‘The Hero Masks Project’ to get protective supplies to people working during coronavirus pandemic

APR 02, 2020  5:23 PM

A Bel Air couple has started The Hero Masks Project, an initiative to raise money to purchase and deliver protective gear to those working on the front lines of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and ultimately, the public at large.

“Everybody who is considered an essential worker that has contact with the public should have protection so that they don’t get infected, and they should also have protection, so that if they are infected, they don’t infect the public,” Brian Gallagher said.

He and his wife, Natalie, launched the project late last week. They used their own funds to purchase masks and gloves from manufacturers based overseas, had them shipped to Harford County by air, and have started providing them to local entities.

The supplies are either sold to the recipients “at cost” or donated, according to Brian Gallagher. He dropped a package of masks and gloves at Key Point Health Services in Aberdeen last Friday to support Key Point staffers working with clients in the community — those supplies were sold to the agency at cost.


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