The Hero Masks Project

Who We Have Helped

Healthcare & Essential Workers

We are proud to have helped equip these organizations with PPE needed for their essential jobs interfacing with the public and each other.

United Way of Central Maryland

Baltimore City Public Schools

Key Point
Health Services

More Info

Commercial Cleaning, Inc.


Cloverland Dairies

Meeting Ground, Inc.
Homeless Shelter

Elderly Family Members

Families with compromised immunity

Nurses Who Requested PPE Directly From Us


Touching personal stories

We’ve received many requests from around the country from:

  • parents who are essential workers with no PPE and immunocompromised children and who are afraid that they are going to get sick at work from lack of protection and bring it home to their children.   
  • nurses who have been issued a single facemask as protection and nothing else
  • families with essential workers, no PPE, and elderly parents at home at risk of getting it from their family members

We’ve reached out to these families and done what we can to help protect them and their vulnerable loved ones.

More behind the scenes

Some organizations requested not to be listed for a variety of reasons, and we have respected those requests and helped them “behind the scenes”.


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